Attendance: Dave, Anita, Rob S, Rob F, Deb K, Dan K, Chris K, Declan K, Devin K, Tom, Jerry J, Jeff A, Craig R and Dan S

Financials: Insurance went above budget because of the added insurance for HS trailer, will be adjusted next budget.
Archery Range concrete and fill is complete and paid.
Craig moved to pass financials, Dan K seconded

Banquet: David is making good progress on the banquet gun cabinet, a picture and color sample was at the meeting for viewing.
Banquet is Monday March 21st.
The Fairgrounds has agreed to 3 year contract at $900 a year.
Tom will contact Bon Ton on meal order and clarification of fairgrounds fees.
Does anyone have possible speakers for banquet? Learn to hunt bear person or Kevin Wallenfang Big Game DNR, if anyone has ideas please e-mail them out or make contact with them. Keep speaker to 15 minutes maximum.
Table paper may be an issue this year, Jeff and Jerry will try to get some from hoards again.
Dan K will pick up beer license and safe.
Mug raffle possibly have another speckled egg pattern, seem to be the hit from past banquets, try to get this raffle in the black.
Bill Kohls memorial, Bills family didn’t have a place to give to a memorial, the club would like to make a donation in Bills name possibly to FHNB in cash, purchase items or special donation to a FHNB cause that may be harder for them to come by. Club would like to offer a banquet ticket to Jan Kohls and a Board Member of FHNB if they would like to come and give donation to them at the banquet.

Discussion: Jim Furley sent an e-mail for the fundraising of the Bark River Fry Hatchery Banquet, the tentative date is March 12th, 2016 and if anyone would like to help at their banquet please contact Jim.
Theo Hansen of Fort Atkinson School Archery Club has 70 Middle school kids and 30 high School kids this year; he will be asking for financial help again this year for their archery activities.
We will pull dumpsters after deer hunting around January 1st and Porto Pots December 1st.
Jerry discussed possible addition of a handicapped Porto pot at the Blackhawk Island handicapped fishing pier. The club thought that was a good idea and Tom will be looking into the cost for next year’s fishing season. This Pot will need to be pulled in the event of spring flooding.
Chris made motion to adjourn, Dan K seconded.

Next meeting will be at Paddy’s Tuesday December 8th, 7 PM.