Dan K, Roger, Jeff, Jim, George, Dave, Craig, Jerry, Steve, Mike, Dan, Tim Ault, Steve Mode, Tony Prisk, Ray Black, Bret Owsley DNR, Tom & Anita

Friends of Haumerson Pond, Steve Mode and Tim Ault talked with the group on a community project to fix up the area around the pond and make it usable again for skating, fishing w/handicap dock access and turn it back into a usable park. They are in the process of working with the City, DNR and Engineers for approval, zoning and permits. They’re asking clubs and organizations for a donations. Will come back with final numbers on funds needed and final layout of the park. Club discussed and will donate undetermined amount when time comes.

Bret Owsley Area Wildlife Supervisor of Dodge and Jefferson County stopped in to introduce himself and make himself available for any questions. He took over for Doug Fendrey. Volunteered to spearhead a Jefferson Sportsman Alliance if we are interested to get clubs in the area working together for the greater good. The DNR is working on hiring Wildlife Biologist for Jefferson County which should be filled by Summer.

Financials/Proposed Budget:
Anita discussed the financials and Annual Banquet profits/expenses for 2013

$10,000 Check was sent off to Rock River Valley Pheasants Forever for Avon bottoms land purchase.

Group discussed the proposed budget, increased Roethe fund by $500 taken from hunters safety line item, Add funds to local projects for under water fish camera at Jefferson Dam.

Tom made motion to approve, Steve Second.

Many Thank You cards received Food Pantry, Wisconsin/NRA, Wisconsin Waterfowlers, Jefferson Sherriff Department K9 Unit, and RMEF.

Talked with Bret Owsley on proposed berm around the Fish Hatchery to help with flooding. He gave us contacts with the DNR Engineer John Olsen or Ron Dagget and include Laura at the DNR for help with zoning and possible construction of the berm.

Dave will work with Nick Peters on the fishing line tubes.

Tom looking into shirts for banquet help.

Tom moved to adjourn, George second