Dan, Deb, Steve, Dave, Jerry, Jim, Mike, Jeff, Anita, Tom, Casey, George, Rob and Craig


Motion made Dave, Dan Second, passed

Discussion items:

Jeff made Motion that Bank CD’s coming do, Club decided to wait and combine CD’s for bump in interest and buy CD at Premier, Rob Seconded, Passed

Banquet Recap and comments:

Tables are clean, don’t wash before adding paper, sticks to paint.

Better distribution and direction for FFA kids

Hot mits or trays for servers

Farthest tables served first for better flow and service.

Staff kitchen with enough help (6).

Send server application with regular ticket mailing.

Better setup for serving gravy (Casey follow up).

Make larger general raffle drum (Dave follow up).

Craig is lining up speaker for next banquet DNR Big Game Kevin Wallenfang.

Serving tongs for meat platters.

Don’t need to pick up tables or chairs after banquet.

Cookies were a hit, do again next banquet.

Youth raffle at 10 minute break was great idea do again.

Reduce workers ticket to $20 to recruite more help.

Gun raffle early to alleviate congestion at end of banquet back ground checks.

Put website and e-mail address on ticket and applications.

Fair Grounds weapon policy has to be lifted in writing on next contract, guns make our banquet and need to be there. (Jeff Follow up)

Send club update letter with banquet ticket.

2012/2013 Budget

Switching Tax Accountant this year.

Added Porto Potty to boat launch, Dave contact Charlie Killian for approval. Fish Hatchery Potty is out already.

Replace archery targets this year, many positive responses. Make better backstop area for broad head shooting.

Motion made to increase Food Pantry to $500 from proposed $250, take $250 from Chamber that probably wouldn’t be used in full. Motion by Jerry, Jeff Seconded, Passed

Motion made by Steve to approve 2012/2013 Budget, Seconded by Rob Motion Passed 

Dan Moved Meeting Adjourned, George Seconded, Passed 

Next meeting is May 22nd 7PM Paddy’s. Last until September Please attend