Dave, Anita, Dan K, Tom, Casey, Rob F, Rob S, Craig, Steve P, Jim, Jerry J, Dan S, Jason and Steve


Dan K made motion to pass financials, Craig second, motion passed

2015/2016 Budget:

Dan K will check with RMEF on sponsorship yearly cost now the grant is complete.
Remove underwater camera as it hasn’t made headway in two years.
Archery targets will be around $3000, Casey and Rob will move forward towards purchase.
Craig made motion to pass 2015/2016 budget, Jim second, motion passed

Archery Range:

Casey and Rob will move forward with targets, Steve will receive targets at Ace and arrange pick up with Rob Stine.
We need to install lock box at the earliest convenience for donations.

Fish Hatchery:

Open house is on April 18th, Tom, Chris and Steve will get things going, all help would be appreciated. Buns, soda and chips from Rivers Edge and will use beef from banquet.

Officers and Board Elections:

President – Dave Puerner
Vice President – Steve Peterson
Treasurer – Anita Freeman
Secretary – Dan Kincaid

3 year term – Dan Schneider and Craig Rusch
2 year term – Chris Kaplan and Jason Poeppel
1 year term – Rob Stine and Dan Juday

Dan K made motion to elect Officers and Board Members for 2015/2016, Anita second, motion passed


Dan Juday- Discussed the upcoming 2nd Annual Fishing Derby, Event will be held at American Legion Post 166 on June 6th, 2015. Should be a fun day, please pass info around to anyone you may think would be interested.

Craig Rusch – Will attend the DNR Antlerless Quota discussion at UW Extension in Jefferson April 23rd at 8 PM.

Jerry Jackson – Project lead is looking for donations for trees, Good opportunity to get our name out around town. Will gather more information and see how to proceed.

Craig made motion to Adjourn, Motion carried

Next Meeting is at Paddy’s 7 PM May 19th. This will be the last scheduled meeting until September 10th. Please plan to attend to finalize any open discussion.