FAWC Meeting Minutes

March 8th, 2016

Attendance: Mary, Jackie and Brian TPF Outdoors, Deb, Dan K, Anita, Tom, Dave, Dan J, Craig, Jason P, Steve P, Chris K, Paul Callahan Good Year

Banquet: Kids are all lined up to help with Sunday night setup and Monday night at the banquet.
All banquet supplies and food ordered and ready for Monday night.

Pizzas are ordered for Sunday night after setup.

Jan Kohls will be attending the banquet with 3 board members from FHNB to receive Memorial donation in Bill’s name. Anita made motion to take $500 out of general fund to give to FHNB in memorial to Bill Kohls, Dan seconded, motion passed.

Meet at storage shed Sunday at 2:45, Fairgrounds at 3:30.

Craig made motion to give Dave S $250 for designing and making wood gun/coat rack.
Dan made motion to adjourn, seconded by Craig, motion passed

Banquet Monday March 21st

Next Meeting is at Paddy’s 7PM on April 7th

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February 25th, 2016

Attendance: Dave, Dan K, Jerry, Anita, Steve, Lisa and Jordan from Project Lead, Deb, Dan J, Brittany, Sawyer, Jason, Rob S, Chris K, Devin and Declan

Project Lead: Project Lead gave a presentation on the Brietzke Educational Wetland & Storybook Walk. The club Made motion to support the project at the Crane level of $750 as this will benefit school age kids, adults and will be handicapped assessable.

Officers and Board 2016-2017

President – Craig Rusch
Vice President – Steve Petersen
Treasurer – Anita Freeman
Secretary – Rob Stine

3 Year Term – Dan Kincaid, Dan Juday
2 Year Term – Dan Schneider, Dave Puerner
1 Year Term – Chris Kaplan, Jason Poeppel

Jason will help get the website up to date.

Hunters Safety and Archery Classes: See Chris if interested, next classes early April.

Banquet: Theo Hansen has a Mathews Mission Bow for Archery Raffle. Chris Kaplan is very impressed with the archery club and is very proud that the club helps to support.

Attendees are sending in their forms, still have room for more if you know anyone that is interested in coming or working the banquet.

Donations are coming in, make sure you hit up your donors.

We should be good for youth workers. FFA, Archery and Trap kids will be in attendance for setup and at the banquet.

Learning to hunt Bear speaker has confirmed and sent Bio to Tom F. Anita made motion to give $200 to help offset cost of his travel, Dan J seconded, motion passed.

Contacting Jan Kohls and FHNB in hopes they will attend banquet to receive donation to FHNB in Bill Kohls name.

FFA consignment auction: Anita made motion to donate 5 sets of 2 banquet tickets to be auctioned, Rob Stine seconded.

Dan made motion to adjourn, Rob seconded

Next Meeting at Paddy’s Tuesday March 8th, 7PM

Banquet Monday March 21st

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February 9th, 2016

Taken by Devin Kaplan

Those in attendance Dan Juday, Rob Stine, Ron Mehring, Craig Rusch, Dave Peterson, Anita Freeman, Tom Freeman, Steve Cutz, Chris Kaplan, Devin Kaplan, Declan Kaplan, Steve Peterson, Dan Schneider, Jerry Jackson.

The board voted on the Len Brosig $2500 scholarship winner, and the runner up who will receive $1,000.

Chris Kaplan made a motion to approve the financials, Craig Rusch seconded, motion carried.

Rob Stine will install new sign at archery range in the spring.

Tom Freeman made a motion to spend up to $700 to donate an AR to the Bark River fish hatchery Banquet, and five pairs of tickets to the FAWC banquet in lieu of a cash donation to the Bark River Fish Hatchery. Seconded by Craig Rusch, motion carried.

Dan Juday American Legion post 166 fishing derby, asking for help from volunteers. FAWC will again support the fishing derby, dollar amount not specified at this time.

Craig attended the WI Deer Advisory Committee Meeting in Stevens Point. Craig is the representative for Jefferson County.

Ron Mehring offered to let us use, or purchase gun racks. They are wooden stands that would elevate the firearms so that they are both more visible and so that they take up less space than being laid out flat on a table. The Board decided to try six small gun racks to see if they work well before purchasing any. They will be used on the stage tables only noting that there is little room on the other raffle tables.

Mike Stevens has aprons, towels, and truck ready for banquet.

Jerry Jackson will contact R and M Small Engine about buying a chainsaw or other small items at cost for possible raffle items at banquet. Jerry will get back to the Board with pricing by next meeting.

Anita will get banquet ticket applications to Rock River Bait Box (new bait shop near the Bark River Hatchery) to have available to distribute to customers.

Craig made a motion to adjourn, Anita Freeman seconded.

Next meeting is Thursday, February 25th at Paddy’s

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January 7th, 2016

Attendance: Dan K, Deb, Anita, Craig, Declan, Chris, Devin, Dan S, Rob S, Tom F, Steve, Dan J, Dave and Jeff A

Meeting started at 6 for the annual stuffing of the envelope.

Financials: Payment for billing is being held for WE Energies until DNR can determine cause for substantial rate increase.
Jeff moved to pass financials, Craig seconded, motion passed.

Banquet: Soup style mugs, pricing out cost for 10 dozen vs 12 dozen price break.
Speaker will talk on “Learn to hunt Bear”.
Jeff is going to contact John Mansavage for ordering round FAWC stickers. Best pricing on 1000 to 2500?

Discussion: Rob S will be getting sign made for archery range. Need to discuss rules and/or guidelines for archery edicit and post on sign.
Donation post is remounted and will be repainted in the spring.
Looking into ordering 3 targets and trying to reface old targets with the worst wear and installing them at the 40 and 50-yard mark.
Chris moved to adjourn meeting, Tom seconded, motion passed.

Next FAWC Meeting is Tuesday February 9th at 7 PM Paddy’s

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December 8th, 2015

Deb, Dan K, Dan J, Mark, Anita, Tom, Theo Hansen, Dave, Jeff, Craig and Dan S

No financials this meeting.
Donation for $250 given for Archery fund.
Donation for $1000 given from FAHS graduate Class of 1963 he lives in California, will be used for a second scholarship in 2016.

Speaker this year may be learn to hunt Bear, details to follow. Will offer to reimburse for mileage and free banquet tickets. Asking for Bio for more information.
Will have another Bow raffle to help support FA Schools Archery Team. 109 kids this year.

Meeting change from Feb. 11th to Feb. 9th.
January 7th meeting we will be stuffing envelopes, please attend for quorum and help with envelopes. Probably start meeting 6 or 6:30PM.
February 9th meeting we need a quorum for picking scholarship recipients, please plan to attend.
Deadline for scholarship entries is last Friday in January.
Giving donation to FHNB in name of Bill Kohls, we need to contact Jan Kohls and representative from FHNB to be there to receive donation.
Fishing Derby early June 2016. Responses are coming in, 4 guides signed up, scholarship this year and will have multiple registration stations.
Porto-Potty at new handicapped pier at Blackhawk Island is in the works, $135 month for about 6 months a year. Dave will e-mail Jerry for more information.
Tom made motion to adjourn, Craig seconded.

Next meeting at Paddy’s 7 PM January 7th, 2016

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November 12th, 2015

Attendance: Dave, Anita, Rob S, Rob F, Deb K, Dan K, Chris K, Declan K, Devin K, Tom, Jerry J, Jeff A, Craig R and Dan S

Financials: Insurance went above budget because of the added insurance for HS trailer, will be adjusted next budget.
Archery Range concrete and fill is complete and paid.
Craig moved to pass financials, Dan K seconded

Banquet: David is making good progress on the banquet gun cabinet, a picture and color sample was at the meeting for viewing.
Banquet is Monday March 21st.
The Fairgrounds has agreed to 3 year contract at $900 a year.
Tom will contact Bon Ton on meal order and clarification of fairgrounds fees.
Does anyone have possible speakers for banquet? Learn to hunt bear person or Kevin Wallenfang Big Game DNR, if anyone has ideas please e-mail them out or make contact with them. Keep speaker to 15 minutes maximum.
Table paper may be an issue this year, Jeff and Jerry will try to get some from hoards again.
Dan K will pick up beer license and safe.
Mug raffle possibly have another speckled egg pattern, seem to be the hit from past banquets, try to get this raffle in the black.
Bill Kohls memorial, Bills family didn’t have a place to give to a memorial, the club would like to make a donation in Bills name possibly to FHNB in cash, purchase items or special donation to a FHNB cause that may be harder for them to come by. Club would like to offer a banquet ticket to Jan Kohls and a Board Member of FHNB if they would like to come and give donation to them at the banquet.

Discussion: Jim Furley sent an e-mail for the fundraising of the Bark River Fry Hatchery Banquet, the tentative date is March 12th, 2016 and if anyone would like to help at their banquet please contact Jim.
Theo Hansen of Fort Atkinson School Archery Club has 70 Middle school kids and 30 high School kids this year; he will be asking for financial help again this year for their archery activities.
We will pull dumpsters after deer hunting around January 1st and Porto Pots December 1st.
Jerry discussed possible addition of a handicapped Porto pot at the Blackhawk Island handicapped fishing pier. The club thought that was a good idea and Tom will be looking into the cost for next year’s fishing season. This Pot will need to be pulled in the event of spring flooding.
Chris made motion to adjourn, Dan K seconded.

Next meeting will be at Paddy’s Tuesday December 8th, 7 PM.

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