FAWC Meeting Minutes

September 10th, 2015

Attendance: Dave, Anita, Brittany, Katie, Tom, Steve, Deb K, Dan K, Rob F, Kasey, David and Jim F.

Financials: Will be reviewed and approved at October meeting.

Discussion: Archery donation post was vandalized and pulled from ground, will be replaced soon with heavier duty post.
Archery targets at the 10 and 20 yard position are getting centers shot out, may switch with 40 and 50 yard targets and paint quadrants of 4 on targets for better wear. We May look into 4 targets per box when we purchase next year.
Gun cabinet for banquet, David is getting materials together for building a gun cabinet for the next banquet.
We should start thinking of a Banquet speaker.
Jim met with the Board of Directors of the Lake District and River Association. It sounds like they are willing to help fund, at least for the next couple years the Fish hatchery operations. The meeting seemed very positive in keeping the Hatchery operational for the future. Other groups inquired about making donations.
The Fairgrounds has put FAWC Banquet on their calendar for the next 3 years, they only contract yearly and Anita is taking care of this.
The banquet is March 21st, 2016

Next meeting is October 22nd at Paddy’s. Please try to attend to make quorum.

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May 19th, 2015

Dan K, Dan J, Dave, Anita, Tom, Jerry, Rob S, Jim, Steve, Rob F, Chris, Declan, Mark and Michelle
Anita called Cabela’s and was able to get discount refunded for banquet prizes. Money will go back into budget. Dan made motion to pass financials, Steve seconded, motion passed.
Archery Range:
Archery targets are at City Garage; concrete is complete, need to finish landscape and railing. Need donation box set up and signage with PO Box address to donate. Targets will go in after Memorial Day and talking of having a Grand Opening June 20th, Anita will check on ham slices and we do have beef left from the banquet.
Ryan Ellison DNR:
Ryan has asked the club for a possible donation to help fund tracks for their ATV. The total cost is around $3800-3900 dollars. Steve made a motion to help fund the ATV tracks not to exceed $1000 dollars, Dan seconded, motion passed. Dan e-mailed Ryan who is on vacation and will contact Anita for check.
Fish Hatchery:
The meeting on the Hatchery came up with a lot of good ideas, but with no one to implement them. We talked about a donation box for the Bark River Fry Hatchery at each boat launch. Rob will ask for permission.
Proposed Land Purchase DNR:
Mark informed the group about a proposed land purchase by Inland Drive in Sullivan. The existing DNR land is land locked; this additional 40 acres of land would allow an easier easement from Hwy 18 to get to the 200 acre DNR parcel. Selling price is $150,000. The DNR is looking for partnering funds and applying for grant application which is due in November. The club decided to think on this proposal the next couple months and see how things come out.
Hunters Safety:
The next Hunter Safety class is at Sportsman Club in Jefferson, June 13th.
Fishing Derby:
The Fishing derby is at the Legion Dugout June 6th. Derby has big donors on board and the FAWC is Main Sponsor.
Tom moved to adjourn, Anita Seconded
Next meeting is at Paddy’s September 10th, 2015

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April 7th, 2015


Dave, Anita, Dan K, Tom, Casey, Rob F, Rob S, Craig, Steve P, Jim, Jerry J, Dan S, Jason and Steve


Dan K made motion to pass financials, Craig second, motion passed

2015/2016 Budget:

Dan K will check with RMEF on sponsorship yearly cost now the grant is complete.
Remove underwater camera as it hasn’t made headway in two years.
Archery targets will be around $3000, Casey and Rob will move forward towards purchase.
Craig made motion to pass 2015/2016 budget, Jim second, motion passed

Archery Range:

Casey and Rob will move forward with targets, Steve will receive targets at Ace and arrange pick up with Rob Stine.
We need to install lock box at the earliest convenience for donations.

Fish Hatchery:

Open house is on April 18th, Tom, Chris and Steve will get things going, all help would be appreciated. Buns, soda and chips from Rivers Edge and will use beef from banquet.

Officers and Board Elections:

President – Dave Puerner
Vice President – Steve Peterson
Treasurer – Anita Freeman
Secretary – Dan Kincaid

3 year term – Dan Schneider and Craig Rusch
2 year term – Chris Kaplan and Jason Poeppel
1 year term – Rob Stine and Dan Juday

Dan K made motion to elect Officers and Board Members for 2015/2016, Anita second, motion passed


Dan Juday- Discussed the upcoming 2nd Annual Fishing Derby, Event will be held at American Legion Post 166 on June 6th, 2015. Should be a fun day, please pass info around to anyone you may think would be interested.

Craig Rusch – Will attend the DNR Antlerless Quota discussion at UW Extension in Jefferson April 23rd at 8 PM.

Jerry Jackson – Project lead is looking for donations for trees, Good opportunity to get our name out around town. Will gather more information and see how to proceed.

Craig made motion to Adjourn, Motion carried

Next Meeting is at Paddy’s 7 PM May 19th. This will be the last scheduled meeting until September 10th. Please plan to attend to finalize any open discussion.

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February 24th, 2015

Dan K, Anita, Tom, Steve, Jim, Rob S, Mike S, Rob F, Jason P and Craig R

Dan moved to pass financials, Craig seconded, motion passed

Hunter Safety Trailer:
Trailer is ready for pick up and final assembly by the DNR.

Attendance is slightly increased from this time last year.

Tom and Anita will pick up 100 cup coffee pot, salt, pepper and tags for weapons.

Take RRKA donation, buy youth gun in name of RRKA and Frank Micale. Jim will contact Mike Micale for more on the RRKA future.

Quick Trip will be donating all the milk this year.

Bergey gave a great deal on a bow all set up and ready to go. Bow will be on archery bucket table.

We will need to have the projector set up for power point presentation. Rob Stine will speak on Archery Range.

Group decided to upgrade cooler donated by Ace to largest size.

Set up 3:30 on Sunday at Fair Grounds, 2:45 at storage shed.

Group is looking into replacement of the archery range targets, we decided to look at a couple options and will choose the best option for the price as we get closer to purchase.

There are 3 Board positions to fill, Rob Stine will fill George’s position and Dan K will ask Dan S if he is interested in one of the other positions.

Craig will be attending DNR meeting at UW Ext in Jefferson March 19th @ 7 PM

Anita moved to adjourn meeting, Dave seconded, passed

Next meeting is at Paddy’s 7 PM Thursday March 12th

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February 10th, 2015

Officers and Board Members reviewed nine scholarships and by vote determined Rachel Lynn Purucker was the best candidate for the Len Brosig Scholarship.

Old Business:
Hunter Safety Trailer will be named in honor of George Brahmstadt. His family discussed donating the trailer in his name. The trailer is ordered in orange and should be ready for the banquet. Tom and Chris are meeting with the DNR next week to discuss the logos and internal shelving.

More Members and Workers signed up then last year so far.

Over $500 in cash donation, please go out and get your donations.

Everything thing is on schedule and getting ordered for the banquet.

There will be 3 youth raffle guns this year, Ruger SS 1911 for bar raffle, Taurus 44Mag in gun raffle and a Cross Bow.

Jim is going to talk with Tom Bergey on purchasing a Bow as it would fit now that the Archery range is being completed and Rob Stine is going to speak on that accomplishment.

One of the bucket tables will be designated for Archery.

We need 1 large cooler, salt and pepper, 1 100 cup coffee pot and string tags for banquet.

Dan K will order t-shirts at Aropa Design similar to last year.

We will be sending an invite for 2 Daily Union Reporters to cover the banquet again this year, tickets at the door.

We will have help from the Archery Club on Sunday setup and FFA on Monday Banquet.

Doug L will be there for the Fish Hatchery with handouts to create interest in future donations for the Hatchery. We are looking at having an open house on April 18th from 10AM to 2 PM, left over beef from the banquet and brats, hotdogs and/or burgers if needed. Tom will be the champion for this open house, Thanks Tom.

Anita moved to adjourn, Dan seconded

Next meeting is February 24th at 7PM, Paddy’s

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January 6th, 2015

Dan K, Dan J, Brittany, Anita, Tom, Declan K, Devan K, Chris K, Jeff, Steve, Jim F, Annette F and Craig R

Funds were dispersed for payment of building Archery Platform.
Club would like to see January article in Daily Union including Archery Platform and Paul Weismann Memorial acknowledgement.
Dan Moved to approve financials, Craig Seconded, Motion Passed

Hunters Safety Trailer:
Chris has been getting quotes for the purchase of a 6 foot by 12 foot enclosed trailer for our HS program. DNR said they would provide storage racks and logo free to club.
Tom made motion not to exceed $3500 in the purchase of a 6 foot by 12 foot enclosed trailer with ramp door and raised roof. Craig Seconded, motion Passed

Dan Y has go ahead to start purchasing weapons for the banquet, same amount as last year, hand gun in place of one rifle in gun and one hand gun for bar raffle $500-600 range for bar raffle. Possibly a cross bow added to raffle as well.
Tom will follow up with Bon Ton on #660 beef order.
Dan K purchased two 30 gun safes.
Archery kids may be available for banquet setup. May have bow raffle the night of banquet to give away that night to someone present.
Mugs will be ordered.
We may have a DNR table for Fish Hatchery promotion and possible donation jar.

Scholarship deadline due by end of January and will go over applications at next meeting.

Craig Rusch is on the Jefferson County Deer Advisory Board representing the club.
Dan Juday is now the Chairman of the American Legion Fishing Tournament. This will be the second annual event held June 6th, 2015. 16 and under free, $16 admission to tournament, Check in from 5AM-9AM, Tournament 5AM-2PM with BBQ dinner served from 1PM-3PM. All donations stay local with a goal of $4000.

Meeting was adjourned

Next meeting is at Patty’s 7PM February 10th, 2015

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