Dan K, Mark and Michele Witecha, Dave P, Dan Y, Jerry, Roger, Steve, Anita, Tom, Brittany, George, Craig, Jim F, Annette, Dan I, Members of Fort Atkinson Club and Friends of Haummersen’s Pond.

Club donated $1300 to Jefferson Sportsman’s lighting project. George made motion, Dan K seconded, Motion carried.
Steve and Tim presented for Friends of Haummersen’s Pond, They contacted Montgomery Assoc. for help with construction and preservation of the pond. Their estimate is around $4000 for engineering fees and help with repair of breech from the river erosion. After a short discussion Anita made a motion to give the Friends of Haummersen’s Pond $5000 to get closure on the project and get started moving forward. The motion seconded by Dan K, Motion carried. Hope to have the fund raiser done by May for a total of $300,000 to complete warming shed and pond restoration. They have already expanded the hiking and cross country skiing trails around the existing property.

Banquet Speaker:
Decide at January 23rd meeting to finalize.

FA Schools Archery:
They will have bow to raffle at banquet and help with setup, club will give donation at banquet.

The Fort Atkinson Club:
They presented the plans for restoring the masonic Temple in Fort on the river. They asked if the club would be interested in being a sponsor. The club tabled possible $1000 for the budget meeting.

Club advertisement:
Brittany is working with the FA Chamber to add links to our site from theirs and working on recruitment poster.

Dan made motion to adjourn, Anita seconded, Motion passed