Steve, George, Jerry, Chris, Mike, Brittany, Dan, Jim F, Tom and Anita


Anita gave Steve $100 check for Warden Association, give at next HS class.

Chris made motion to approve, Dan Second


Scott Kirchoff, who does the hunters safety and learn to hunt programs at Milford Hills, which we have supported in the past, has asked for some money for a pheasant hunt for his hunters safety grads. He is doing one hunt on Jan 19 at Milford Hills. He got 50birds donated for that hunt. He wants to do another one for his other hunter’s safety grads the 2nd or 3rd weekend of Feb. and needs some money. He is working on a discount on the birds and other donations.
I told him we could give him 3 or 4 hundred. He said if there is any money left over he would use it for the spring learn to turkey hunt.
We think we should give him $400 from the Roethe fund, let us get more info, tabled for next meeting.

Pheasants Forever requested help with a purchase of 700+ acres land next to 2800 acres State Wildlife Area to donate to DNR for public hunting. Group decided this would be a great use of Board Designated Funds to donate at and if purchased. We discussed adding Pheasants Forever raffle and possible Pheasants donating shotgun for raffle, proceeds also going to land purchase. Give him a ticket for the banquet and let him discuss (5 min) land purchase and land use. Chris will try to get him to next meeting for more info.

Jefferson Trap Club starts in March, Fort’s Coach and kids are welcome to join in Jefferson until Fort gets their club up and running hopefully next year.


Look over Donor list

Will send invite to Fort’s new City Manager and Jefferson’s Mayor.

Look over 2012 Banquet recap and complete follow ups.

Banquet letters stuffed Jan 22nd, mailed Jan 25th, Workers back Feb 22nd, Guest March 1st and cash donations back March 4th.


Dan moved to adjourn, George Second

Next Meeting January 10th, 2013