Deb, Dan K, Dan J, Mark, Anita, Tom, Theo Hansen, Dave, Jeff, Craig and Dan S

No financials this meeting.
Donation for $250 given for Archery fund.
Donation for $1000 given from FAHS graduate Class of 1963 he lives in California, will be used for a second scholarship in 2016.

Speaker this year may be learn to hunt Bear, details to follow. Will offer to reimburse for mileage and free banquet tickets. Asking for Bio for more information.
Will have another Bow raffle to help support FA Schools Archery Team. 109 kids this year.

Meeting change from Feb. 11th to Feb. 9th.
January 7th meeting we will be stuffing envelopes, please attend for quorum and help with envelopes. Probably start meeting 6 or 6:30PM.
February 9th meeting we need a quorum for picking scholarship recipients, please plan to attend.
Deadline for scholarship entries is last Friday in January.
Giving donation to FHNB in name of Bill Kohls, we need to contact Jan Kohls and representative from FHNB to be there to receive donation.
Fishing Derby early June 2016. Responses are coming in, 4 guides signed up, scholarship this year and will have multiple registration stations.
Porto-Potty at new handicapped pier at Blackhawk Island is in the works, $135 month for about 6 months a year. Dave will e-mail Jerry for more information.
Tom made motion to adjourn, Craig seconded.

Next meeting at Paddy’s 7 PM January 7th, 2016