Officers and Board Members reviewed nine scholarships and by vote determined Rachel Lynn Purucker was the best candidate for the Len Brosig Scholarship.

Old Business:
Hunter Safety Trailer will be named in honor of George Brahmstadt. His family discussed donating the trailer in his name. The trailer is ordered in orange and should be ready for the banquet. Tom and Chris are meeting with the DNR next week to discuss the logos and internal shelving.

More Members and Workers signed up then last year so far.

Over $500 in cash donation, please go out and get your donations.

Everything thing is on schedule and getting ordered for the banquet.

There will be 3 youth raffle guns this year, Ruger SS 1911 for bar raffle, Taurus 44Mag in gun raffle and a Cross Bow.

Jim is going to talk with Tom Bergey on purchasing a Bow as it would fit now that the Archery range is being completed and Rob Stine is going to speak on that accomplishment.

One of the bucket tables will be designated for Archery.

We need 1 large cooler, salt and pepper, 1 100 cup coffee pot and string tags for banquet.

Dan K will order t-shirts at Aropa Design similar to last year.

We will be sending an invite for 2 Daily Union Reporters to cover the banquet again this year, tickets at the door.

We will have help from the Archery Club on Sunday setup and FFA on Monday Banquet.

Doug L will be there for the Fish Hatchery with handouts to create interest in future donations for the Hatchery. We are looking at having an open house on April 18th from 10AM to 2 PM, left over beef from the banquet and brats, hotdogs and/or burgers if needed. Tom will be the champion for this open house, Thanks Tom.

Anita moved to adjourn, Dan seconded

Next meeting is February 24th at 7PM, Paddy’s