George, Jim, Jason, Jeff A., Brittany, Dave, Tom, and Anita

Prior to the meeting the board reviewed the Len Brosig scholarship applications.

On Tuesday, February 11 at 7:05 the Fort Atkinson Wisconservation Club meeting was called to order. The board reviewed the board members terms to serve. Dave motioned that David Firari be the Len Brosig scholarship winner. George seconded it.
Anita presented the financials. George asked if the Pheasant Forever gift for land purchase was used. Tom will follow up with Chris. Motion made by Dave to approve the financials. George seconded it.
Fish Hatchery:
Jim announced that Jerry Richardson will send money at 4K to Doug Luebke. Doug stated he has another group that would like to fundraise. Dave stated they need a minimum of 8K to run the Hatchery annual. That does not include routine maintenance. The hatchery will be a 2014/2015 budget item.
Dave brought up the hatchery open house. Group discussed the possibility of having an open house this year, but decided to pass.
Legion fishing tournament – group discussed we needed additional information and would support Dan after follow-up.
Officer board election was tabled for Thursday, February 27 meeting.
Beef from Bonton at $3.00/pound. John from Bonton’s stated they are waiting for price to go down and will lock at lowest possible price.
George will cover reception and greeting operations at banquet. Dave will follow up with W&A for scholarship raffle. Anita will contact Mike Stevens regarding aprons and towels.
Anita stated that Festival Foods sent applications for new charge cards. After discussion it was felt that we needed three cards.
A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Freeman, seconded by Dave. Motion carried.