In Attendance:

– Jim F, Steve P, Roger K, Dave P, Mike S, Craig R, Casey F , Anita F, Tom F, Bill K, George B, John M, and Jeff A  



-Anita provided an update on financials.

-Paid out budgeted disbursements.

-Jim F moved, Craig R seconded, financials passed.

Mike S requested the check to be cut to Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  Motion made by Jim Furley to increase amount from $200 to $250, so picture presenting the check to Big Brothers & Big Sisters can be put in the paper. It’s a $250 minimum for non-profit organizations. Tom F Seconded .  Check was written for $250 and Anita F presented to Beth Young – Big Sister.

New Business:

2011 Len Brosig Scholarship – 6 applications received– Motion was made Dave P and seconded by Steve P that Taylor Nachtigal receive the scholarship.  Anita F will contact the high school and the family.

Project Lead class / Hoard Museum – Project Lead class is working with the Hoard Museum to publish a book of the Then & Now of Fort Atkinson. Motion made by Anita F to give the $250 budgeted to Hoard Museum to Project Lead Class to help create the book. Tom F seconded.

1 ticket to Wild Turkey Federation at Jansen’s Feb. 26, 2011 – Steve Peterson attending.

2 ticket to Wisconsin Waterfowl Association at Jansen’s March 26, 2011 – Mike Stevens attending. 

Old Business:

Steve P talked with Mike Reel. Lake Koshkonong Map Project – Fort Fire Dept has the Maps for the lakes.  Steve P will help Mike R with this project.  When maps are up, will contact Dave Bienfang for a picture with a club member. 

Fish Hatchery Update: – A committee has been formed to find funding.  LKRA gave $8,000 to cover LTE’s and some utilities.  Yearly budget $8,000 to $10, 000. 

Remodel is coming in under budget. Building has been dry walled, painted, wired, light fixtures in – ready to move in.

Discussion was made over flood insurance.  Dave P will check with Jon Strom.

Open House will be set for this spring – April

Daily Union will cover the story of reopening of the fish hatchery.  


-Speaker – Don Bush

Steve P will bring the power point projector to be used at the banquet.

Tom F will get a flash drive for pictures of the fish hatchery.

Workers party – April 9th

Banquet check list – discussed

Sunday (March 20th) 2:00 PM W&A to pick up safe – 2:30 at Premier Bank

Pizza from Towne Inn after set up – delivered to fair grounds. 

T-shirts for FFA workers and t-shirts and hats for door prizes – out of the Marketing budget

Change Youth Raffle – more than 2 prizes 

Mugs are in – Jeff has at the bank 

-Antia F moved to adjourn, Tom seconded. 

– Next meeting Paddy Coughlin’s (lower room) 7 PM Thursday March 10th –Banquet meeting