Dan K, Anita, Tom, Steve, Jim, Rob S, Mike S, Rob F, Jason P and Craig R

Dan moved to pass financials, Craig seconded, motion passed

Hunter Safety Trailer:
Trailer is ready for pick up and final assembly by the DNR.

Attendance is slightly increased from this time last year.

Tom and Anita will pick up 100 cup coffee pot, salt, pepper and tags for weapons.

Take RRKA donation, buy youth gun in name of RRKA and Frank Micale. Jim will contact Mike Micale for more on the RRKA future.

Quick Trip will be donating all the milk this year.

Bergey gave a great deal on a bow all set up and ready to go. Bow will be on archery bucket table.

We will need to have the projector set up for power point presentation. Rob Stine will speak on Archery Range.

Group decided to upgrade cooler donated by Ace to largest size.

Set up 3:30 on Sunday at Fair Grounds, 2:45 at storage shed.

Group is looking into replacement of the archery range targets, we decided to look at a couple options and will choose the best option for the price as we get closer to purchase.

There are 3 Board positions to fill, Rob Stine will fill George’s position and Dan K will ask Dan S if he is interested in one of the other positions.

Craig will be attending DNR meeting at UW Ext in Jefferson March 19th @ 7 PM

Anita moved to adjourn meeting, Dave seconded, passed

Next meeting is at Paddy’s 7 PM Thursday March 12th