Attendance: Dave, Dan K, Jerry, Anita, Steve, Lisa and Jordan from Project Lead, Deb, Dan J, Brittany, Sawyer, Jason, Rob S, Chris K, Devin and Declan

Project Lead: Project Lead gave a presentation on the Brietzke Educational Wetland & Storybook Walk. The club Made motion to support the project at the Crane level of $750 as this will benefit school age kids, adults and will be handicapped assessable.

Officers and Board 2016-2017

President – Craig Rusch
Vice President – Steve Petersen
Treasurer – Anita Freeman
Secretary – Rob Stine

3 Year Term – Dan Kincaid, Dan Juday
2 Year Term – Dan Schneider, Dave Puerner
1 Year Term – Chris Kaplan, Jason Poeppel

Jason will help get the website up to date.

Hunters Safety and Archery Classes: See Chris if interested, next classes early April.

Banquet: Theo Hansen has a Mathews Mission Bow for Archery Raffle. Chris Kaplan is very impressed with the archery club and is very proud that the club helps to support.

Attendees are sending in their forms, still have room for more if you know anyone that is interested in coming or working the banquet.

Donations are coming in, make sure you hit up your donors.

We should be good for youth workers. FFA, Archery and Trap kids will be in attendance for setup and at the banquet.

Learning to hunt Bear speaker has confirmed and sent Bio to Tom F. Anita made motion to give $200 to help offset cost of his travel, Dan J seconded, motion passed.

Contacting Jan Kohls and FHNB in hopes they will attend banquet to receive donation to FHNB in Bill Kohls name.

FFA consignment auction: Anita made motion to donate 5 sets of 2 banquet tickets to be auctioned, Rob Stine seconded.

Dan made motion to adjourn, Rob seconded

Next Meeting at Paddy’s Tuesday March 8th, 7PM

Banquet Monday March 21st