Present: Roger K, Jim F, Chris K, Steve P, Dave P, Anita F, Tom F, Dan J., Jason P., Jerry J, Mike S.

President Dave Puerner called the meeting to order at 7:09p.

Guest Nick Peters and Ron Langellier, past FAWC President, presented on the topic of waste fishing line recycling. The receptacles are made from PVC tubing and fittings can be deployed to known fishing areas in efforts to have anglers dispose of spent line. These receptacles would then be policed/emptied by volunteers whereas the spent line would be boxed and returned to a manufacture for recycling purposes.

Following the presentation, President Dave Puerner suggested that we make this a budget item for the next fiscal year. Dave asked Nick to provide a business plan and monetary requirements for the project.

Treasurer Anita Freeman presented the monthly treasurer’s report and explained the shifting of funds to different accounts as we prepare for our annual banquet. There were no questions and Mike S. made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Jim F., motion carried on a voice vote.

President Dave Puerner led a discussion on the public school archery initiative. I conversation with the projects leader it was decided not to move forward with a bow raffle at our banquet. A spread sheet identifying needed item, and associated costs, was provided. Jerry J. suggested we also reach out to Bruce Holkum due his great involvement in archery sports and hunting. Dave will invite their leader to a future meeting after the banquet and the project will be tabled as a budget item.

President Dave Puerner briefed the Board on the status of the fish hatchery. Jim F. is working with the hatchery committee and Jerry Richardson on exhausting special reserve funds for the hatchery. Some of these monies may support temporary DNR staff assignments. The group also felt we should deploy the dumpster and port-a-potty in late March. Anita F. will champion this.

Jim F. spoke to the Board on the subject of a underwater camera located at the Jefferson dam. This camera has been in place for approximately three years and could be viewed freely on the internet. Due to budget cuts the DNR could no longer fund the air card for broadcasting the video. Jim F. further explained that a mere six-hundred dollars expenditure would put this back on the internet and we could make it a link on our web page. Jim F. made a motion to fund this initiative for one (1) year and it was seconded by Tom f., final discussion on funding sources was $500.00 from the hatchery account and $100.00 from the Roethe account. Motion passed on a voice vote.

President Dave Puerner led a discussion on the progress of the Jefferson Trap Shoot team there is growing support. Anita F. shared that total cost per shooter exceeds eight-hundred dollars per year. Dave will email Greg, their advisor, for more detail and as they will be assisting the workers at our banquet Dave made a motion to donate $1,000.00 to the team, seconded by Mike S. the Board was in agreement and the motion passed on a voice vote.

Anita F. led a discussion on this year’s local Project Lead’s initiate which is a veteran’s memorial whereas clubs and individuals can donate monies to be used for the erection of a series of flag poles. Depending on the amount donated the club/individual are recognized by plaque/paver. The Board felt this was something club should be part of and a motion was made by Anita F. to donate $1,000.00 to this project, seconded by Jim F. This would be funded out of the local project fund. The Board felt strongly about dedicating our funds to the “POW/MIA” flag pole and Dan stated he’d try his hardest make that happen. No further discussion was necessary and the motion passed on a voice vote.

Anita F. brought a request from the Koshkonong Mounds asking if the club would entertain a golf outing. After a brief discussion it was decided that this wasn’t something the club would be interested in. Anita will follow up with the Mounds on our decision.

Load out time for the banquet Sunday set-up is 2:30p at the storage shed. Chris will have a Bobcat with forks to load the gun safes. Anita will contact Town Inn for pizza following set-up.

Roger K. and Dave P. will plan a Cabelas trip for raffle prize purchases.

Steve P. and Tom F. will finalize worker duties and operating procedures. Jason will assist this effort during the banquet.

Chris K. stated that the Footville land acquisition project is still $60K short however their steering committee feels they’re on track. Anita F. has the tickets for their special raffle during the banquet.

Motion for adjournment was made by Roger K. at 9:10p, seconded by everyone and meeting was adjourned.