Anita F, Brittany, Dave P, Jerry, George, Mike, Tom, Jim and Jeff

2 Laptops purchased for club use. Hunters Safety and financials

Banquet rental paid

Chamber membership paid

Food pantry check, Tom sending picture to Jim for paper

Motion made Dave, passed

Discussion items:

Charlie Killian looking into connecting parks, possible project with added hunting land

Groeller Road staying clean, DNR will replace gate and open next year

Will pull dumpsters now that hunting is over

Jerry brought up projects to do with other club support, continuous land upkeep, contact DU, Pheasants Forever and State

85 acres of land next to Norm’s, public fishing/hunting, price $340,000

Fish Hatchery funding $8-10,000 annual expenses, set up trust to supply funds for next 4 years

Boys and Girls Club having fundraiser saving pennies for Pakistan and Afghanistan schools/supplies, Club donated $100 from Roethe fund

Jones building looking for grants, limited what they could do, Tom and Anita in contact

Mrs. Frari makes students recite 4 hunting rules before she signs sheet for hunting season, possible donate for her promotion?

Kevin Brahmstadt Jefferson High School is having shooting team (trap) No funding, competing with other schools, George will stay in contact with Dave


Everything is on track and falling in place, please do your part to complete your items ahead of time

Workers banquet will be held Jefferson Sportsman club, FFA kids helping are invited

Scholarships will be decided at next meeting

Mike made motion, Tom second, motion carried to adjourn meeting.

Next meeting is February 9th 7PM Paddy’s. Please attend.