Roger, Jeff, Tom, Jim, George, Chris, Dave, Craig, & Anita
And guest – Brian Buenzow – Pheasants Forever member


Anita discussed the financials
Jeff made motion to approve, Roger Second.

Old Business:

Chris Kaplan brought Brian Buenzow from Pheasant Forever (PF) to our meeting to discuss the land acquisition of the H & L Farm property, located in the Town of Avon in the far southeastern Rock County. This property consists of 715 acres of prime wildlife habitat. Pheasant Forever is asking local wildlife organizations to help with the fundraising campaign to fund the land acquisition. This land acquisition project would be like the Jefferson Marsh. PF has collected $95,000 from local wildlife organizations. PF needs to collect over $200,000 to help with this land acquisition. After PF purchases the land, they will be donating it to the DNR.
Board members discussed the pledge amount to the project. Also to have Brian at the banquet with the Pheasant Forever having their own table for a raffle to raise money for the project and Brian can explain the land acquisition project to the FAWC club members. PF is donating their raffle prize for the raffle. All monies collected in this raffle goes to PF project.

Dave made a motion to pledge $10,000 out of our board designated reserve to the H & L fundraising the Pheasants Forever Project.
Craig Second. Motion passed.

The pledge amount will be paid out by May 1st, 2013 we will be receiving a letter from Pheasant Forever; after they have raised the pledge amounts they need for the project. No monies will be paid until they have raised the pledges amounts they need for the land purchase.


Dave went over banquet checklist:

Mugs – John M is checking into the mugs per Jeff A. Jeff will follow up with John.

Hat/T-shirts – No hats or t-shirts in inventory. –Tom to checking with Mike Topel – Toucan on order some hats for the banquet – No t-shirts

Paper for the tables – Chris to check the storage unit – contact Hoards if we need paper

Guns for Banquet – Tom made a motion for Dan Y to have $10,000 for the gun budget for the banquet. Craig second – motion passed
Tom will write up guidelines for the Servers and Kitchen cleanup.

FFA kids will help again this year. It is not spring break this year. Dave will contact Greg K regarding the Jefferson High School Trap team to help at the banquet.

Dan K – Beer license by Feb 1st ???

Jim F – will contact Cabela’s about prizes – budget – $2,500

Roger – will order beer.

Anita – will contact Fairground regarding soda order.

Jim F – will take pictures at banquet

Jon S – Person for pots and pans (Bon Ton’s) to be washed – has this been arranged??

Mike S – Havill Spoerl rental truck and aprons & towels – has this been arranged ???

Tom – Talk to John at Bon Ton’s – the food is ordered for the banquet –
After discussion on last year’s food order, the board approved reducing the number of rolls for this year’s banquet. 1,704 to 1,200 rolls. Tom will call Bon Ton to make the change to the food order.

Steve – return Pots & Pans to Bon Ton’s.

Stuffing envelopes for mailing
Tuesday, January 22nd – 6:00 PM at Paddy Coughlin’s
After envelopes are stuffed we will be having a board meeting (approx. 7:00/7:15ish) – The Feb 14th meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, January 22nd. Application will be mailed on Jan 25th.

Jeff moved to adjourn, Roger second