Dan, Roger, Jeff, Jim, George, Chris and boys, Dave, Craig, Brittany and guest, Katie, Jerry, Steve, Annette, Mike & Anita

Stuffed envelopes for banquet

10 applicants for Scholarship, Katie Freeman picked for School achievements and continued help and support of FAWC.

Anita discussed the financials
Dan made motion to approve, George Second.

Jefferson HS Trap Team may be doubling in size, they are going to include Middle School boys and Girls and Fort kids are welcome to join as Fort doesn’t have a Team yet. Fort’s Coach is attending meets and practices to get a feel of the process for hopefully getting Fort’s Trap Team approved by the HS Board for next year. Trap coaches are being NRA trained. Amount of donation tabled until Feb. 28th meeting to determine cost per student.

FA Archery Team involves Middle School 7th and 8th graders, expects to expand to Elementary and High School in future. Team has the essential equipment and as it is growing needs funds to purchase additional items. Coach contacted Dave for support for raffle of Matthews Bow and raffle tickets, would be willing to help at Banquet setup. Dave will e-mail that we would be happy to support club and have room at banquet to sell raffle tickets as well as sponsor bow.

Raffles- General, Gun, Scholarship, 2 Buckets, Mug or Hat, Bar, Card, Early bird, Food Pantry and Avon-Bottoms Wildlife area (Pheasants Forever donation to DNR)

Soda $2, Glass Beer $3 and Pitcher $8

Speaker will be Kevin Wallenfang Big Game DNR, wants any donation given to Elk WI DNR.

MC’s Katie, Jerry Witte, Tom, Jon or John??

Dave went over banquet checklist:

Mugs – John M is checking into the mugs.

Paper for the tables, Jim will check Hoards out, ask for help if needed.

FFA kids will help again this year. It is not spring break this year. Katie will have count Feb. 4th

Dan moved to adjourn, Steve second