Dan, Anita, Colleen, George, Dave, Brittany, Steve, Tom, Jim, Dan, Annette, Craig and Jeff A

Girls and Boys club:
Elisha Norris talked with the club for a possible donation for youth gardening equipment or funds to sponsor nature field trips. Club does allot with students in 3 Elementary Schools of 225 kids, 138 on a daily basis. Club will discuss and determine donation and cause.

Regional lakes maps looking for $100 donation to continue project, will receive 2”x3” recognition add on map. Club will donate and Dave will contact for donation.

Bark river Hatchery work completed, Blocked in windows, sump pump and drain tile. LKRA paid $7700 for work to be completed and plan for new ventilation system this spring. Will plan meeting with LKRA in the near future for plans on 2014 operating costs.

Theo Hansen FA Archery club will supply help for banquet setup, will have a Mathews Bow for a raffle for the Archery club. 2 meets last year, 6 this year at a cost of $600 per meet. If FAWC could help offset cost this year again it would be appreciated.

Scholarship turned in by February 7th.

Chris will check on DNR badges and vests for instructors.

Dan discussed possible fishing tournament run by Ray Black. Will wait for details to develop, would run Rock river to lake Koshgonong.

Speaker, Ask Steve Mode if he would be interested in talking on Haumerson Pond (Fishing aspect), will ask to attend next meeting.

Kasey Freeman take over bar for Roger.

Bonton could supply milk and butter if needed with Sentry sale, will check with Fiesta Foods on cost. Need to increase milk to 4-500 cartons.

Steve will ask Ace to supply their 14’ trailer for banquet delivery.

Steve will contact Fred Kerr to wash pots and pans.

Will have an AR for the bar raffle.

Jeff looking into can cozy’s with logo, 50 tee shirts Tom talk with Dan Y supplier.

MC will be Brittany, Tom and John M.

Dave contact Jefferson trap team on banquet setup and donation.

Anita Moved, George Seconded to adjourn meeting

Next meeting at Paddy’s 7PM