-Dan, Deb, Tom, Anita, Steve, Dave, George, Jim, Roger, Craig, Jeff A, Bill K and Jon S 


-Motion to take $500 from line #18 and $500 from line #28 to make $1000 for check presentation Dave Keene NRA, Tom motion and Steve seconded motion passed.

-Motion made to add Porto-Potty at Fish Hatchery, Craig motion and Anita seconded motion passed. $74 month starting April 1st, cleaned weekly. 

Fish Hatchery:

-Will be ready to produce in a couple of weeks, everything is operational with old equipment for this season, will make new tanks etc. for next year.

-Open house April 2nd, FAWC will provide food and refreshments.

-Jefferson County Daily Union will do story before open house.

-Steve will call WFAW to see if they would like to be there. 


-Elections at April Meeting will be discussed, Discussed Officers carrying over and Directors rotate years. Approve at next meeting.

-Lake Mills Hunt Club has been approved for purchase by the Jefferson County Board. 


-Raffles will be similar to last year.

-Beverage cost will stay the same 1 ticket soda, 3 Beer and 7 for pitcher.

-Jon and John are unable to make banquet this year. Tom F and Jerry Witte will MC.

-Bank at 2:30 Sunday and 3:30 at Fair Grds for set up. Pizza at Fair Grds after set up.

-Setting up easel with archery target pictures and info.

-2 Reporters from Jefferson Daily Union will be at banquet to cover NRA visit.

-Don Bush will do a presentation on the Fish Hatchery and rebuild and Dave Keene will speak on the NRA.

-Guest list will be capped at 475, 403 so far. Workers are low at this time with 47, if you know of someone who would like to volunteer let Jeff and Anita know.

-Bill K will get the guest list and table assignment ready. Give Anita updated list.

-Make sure you get out and get your Donors to donate.

Dan Moved to adjourn, Roger seconded

Next Meeting Paddy’s 7 PM, Thursday April 21st