Attendance: Mary, Jackie and Brian TPF Outdoors, Deb, Dan K, Anita, Tom, Dave, Dan J, Craig, Jason P, Steve P, Chris K, Paul Callahan Good Year

Banquet: Kids are all lined up to help with Sunday night setup and Monday night at the banquet.
All banquet supplies and food ordered and ready for Monday night.

Pizzas are ordered for Sunday night after setup.

Jan Kohls will be attending the banquet with 3 board members from FHNB to receive Memorial donation in Bill’s name. Anita made motion to take $500 out of general fund to give to FHNB in memorial to Bill Kohls, Dan seconded, motion passed.

Meet at storage shed Sunday at 2:45, Fairgrounds at 3:30.

Craig made motion to give Dave S $250 for designing and making wood gun/coat rack.
Dan made motion to adjourn, seconded by Craig, motion passed

Banquet Monday March 21st

Next Meeting is at Paddy’s 7PM on April 7th