Dan K, Dan J, Dave, Anita, Tom, Jerry, Rob S, Jim, Steve, Rob F, Chris, Declan, Mark and Michelle
Anita called Cabela’s and was able to get discount refunded for banquet prizes. Money will go back into budget. Dan made motion to pass financials, Steve seconded, motion passed.
Archery Range:
Archery targets are at City Garage; concrete is complete, need to finish landscape and railing. Need donation box set up and signage with PO Box address to donate. Targets will go in after Memorial Day and talking of having a Grand Opening June 20th, Anita will check on ham slices and we do have beef left from the banquet.
Ryan Ellison DNR:
Ryan has asked the club for a possible donation to help fund tracks for their ATV. The total cost is around $3800-3900 dollars. Steve made a motion to help fund the ATV tracks not to exceed $1000 dollars, Dan seconded, motion passed. Dan e-mailed Ryan who is on vacation and will contact Anita for check.
Fish Hatchery:
The meeting on the Hatchery came up with a lot of good ideas, but with no one to implement them. We talked about a donation box for the Bark River Fry Hatchery at each boat launch. Rob will ask for permission.
Proposed Land Purchase DNR:
Mark informed the group about a proposed land purchase by Inland Drive in Sullivan. The existing DNR land is land locked; this additional 40 acres of land would allow an easier easement from Hwy 18 to get to the 200 acre DNR parcel. Selling price is $150,000. The DNR is looking for partnering funds and applying for grant application which is due in November. The club decided to think on this proposal the next couple months and see how things come out.
Hunters Safety:
The next Hunter Safety class is at Sportsman Club in Jefferson, June 13th.
Fishing Derby:
The Fishing derby is at the Legion Dugout June 6th. Derby has big donors on board and the FAWC is Main Sponsor.
Tom moved to adjourn, Anita Seconded
Next meeting is at Paddy’s September 10th, 2015