In Attendance:

– Jim F, Steve P, Roger K, Dave P, Mike S, Craig R, Deb, Dan, Brittany, Anita F, Tom F, Bill K, George B and Jerry   


-Anita provided an update on financials.

-Paid out Check to Dave P for Hatchery. Thanks Dave

-Dan moved, George seconded, financials passed. 

Old Business:

-Fish Hatchery Update: Dave will contact Luke P for mowing and landscape projects.

-Don Bush is retiring Sunday June 26th party at Countryside Inn, Newville. 2-10PM. Club to set something up for years of help and dedication. Dave will call Doug L.

-Archery Targets: The City has okayed 2 more targets for a total of 3. Dave has the materials and will prefabricate what he can before he gets out to install. City is going to drop off 2 picnic tables. Costs are $299 per target and $300 in materials so far. Club needs to look into the purchase for Wiesmann Memorial Plaque. 


-Jim Furley discussed an article he found on a pull behind Ambulance for 4-wheeler or snowmobile. Dropped off at Fort Fire. Cost is $6600. May be better suited at County level for broader use. Anita will give article to Tom for ideas. May help sponsor if brought back and discussed if needed and practical for use by rescue organizations.

-Dave e-mailed county/City Board Supervisors for Carry of Weapons in County parks for hunting. No response, will follow up with letter to Chairman.

-Craig attended a local clubs sportsman get together, small scale event, easy meal of sandwiches and chips. Small scale banquet to keep the spreading the word. Could be held later in the year possible Summer or Fall. Brittany discussed involving youth, Jefferson’s sportsman Club social gathering and sporting clay. Flexible raffles and food provided at low cost outing. Anita will give Craig info for contact at Jefferson sportsman Club.

-Greohler Rd: Land owner still has issue with trespass and trash issue. DNR has easement on land. Dave talked with Warden Ryan Ellison on reinforcing trespass laws. Jim F will contact Charlie Killian again on clean up, posting and brush removal.

-Steve P discussed Janesville Conservation Club shoot. All proceeds go back to community. Nice outing. 

-Anita F moved to adjourn, Roger seconded. 

– Next meeting Paddy Coughlin’s (lower room) 7 PM Thursday September 29th