Present: Anita F. Tom F., Dave P., Jerry J. Jim F. Jason P., Chris K., George B., Mike S., Brittany F., Craig., Dan J

Guests: Nick Peters – Mark Witecha (DNR Wildlife Biologist) & his wife Michele

Sponsored Project: Nick Peters briefed the group on his completion of the fishing line receptacles located at area boat launches.

Financials: Scholarship payout to Katie Freeman deferred due to her State Officer assignment. Internship through U.W. River Falls meets requirements.

Jerry J. had questions regarding savings accounts. Anita is to clarify with Jeff A or bank..

Anita closed CD and opened new one, some money transferred to money market.

Motion to Approve: George, Second by Craig and carried on verbal vote.

Banquet Speaker: Jana Waller is booked for 2015. Anita will talk with George Purucker about a Bear Hunting speaker. Tom also mentioned Jim Gibson from northern Wisconsin as an alternative. Jerry J. stated that and speaker from Ducks Unlimited or Pheasants Forever might be an avenue to examine. Tom stated that we could also have our area Conservation Warden speaks about the new on-line hunter education program.

Hunter Safety: WI-DNR Training meeting on December 10th. All participants need their test and paperwork completed and turned in. No need to bring guns to the Instructor training. Vests will be ordered at training. Need to get with Steve P. and do inventory of guns, supplies, equipment. Awards committee needs to recognize instructors at banquet.
Live fire/Field day could be held at Jefferson Sportsmen’s Club. Anita said Jeff Theder said Saturdays are better due to open trap shooting.

Recruiting Poster: Jason and Brittany to work on ideas and a Facebook page.

WI-DNR Area Wildlife Biologist: Mark Witecha addressed the group as the area’s new wildlife biologist. Mark and his wife, Michele both work for the DNR and reside in Lake Mills. He expressed an interest to become more active in the club.

Beef Prices: According to Jon at Bon-Ton they shouldn’t increase next year.

T-Shirts: Tom is working with Mike Topel for ideas.

Banquet: Kitchen workers, need fresh personnel. Jason P. will work on this.
Anita will check with FFA helpers.
Dave P – Youth Archery, and Jefferson Trap Shooting team.

Underwater Camera @ Jefferson Dam: Still need wfi signal. John and Mark will work on this.

Fort Atkinson Club: Will present at the December meeting.

Legion Post 166 Fisheree: Ray Black asked if FAWC would be interested in a donation.

Motion to Adjourn by Anita and Seconded by George, Carried at 8:20 p.m.