Dan K, Dave P, Steve P, Jim F, Jeff A, Jason P, Craig R and Rob S

Craig made motion to raise banquet ticket to $45, Dan Seconded, Motion Passed. Workers remain at $25 and Member only stays at $10.

Rob would possibly speak about the Paul Weismann Memorial Archery Range.

We need to think about getting Stickers, Mugs and Tee shirts.

Have a continuous power point lope going with pictures, info on the club and where we donate.

Hunters Safety Trailer:
Need to keep looking if we want it to be at the banquet, banquet is coming up in four months.

Fish Hatchery:
Jerry Richardson LKRA has approximate funds to sustain $4000 for the next 3 years DNR funding for the Hatchery. FAWC would have to come up with the other $4000. We need to actively look to other clubs for future support, grants and donations to keep Hatchery funded for the future.

Jim made motion to give DNR $4000 to go along with LKRA $4000 to fund the Fish Hatchery for 2015. $2450 taken from Hatchery fund and add $1550 from Roethe Legacy Fund. Craig Seconded, Motion Passed.

Paul Weismann Memorial Archery Range:
Rob has been doing an excellent job spearheading this project. Building of the platform is coming along well, trees are planted and bronze plaque will be mounted to the stone within a week.

Rob would like us to help set up a 30 target archery tournament. Would be able to reserve the back half of the park, ask vendors to come and fundraise for future projects. We would need to talk about and pick a date for 2015.

Next meeting at Paddy’s December 18th 7PM