Dan K, Deb K, Anita F, Brittany, Dave P, Craig R, George, Steve and Jerry


Mail Pheasants Forever tickets with form to reciprocate the 2 they give us.

Give Food Pantry donation this month instead of next. They are in financial need and their shelves are bare.

Wiesmann Memorial is paid out on archery targets. Will replace target inserts in the Spring 2012.

Motion made Dave, Craig second, passed


Need to change banquet ticket letter, will consist of $10 yearly dues if can’t attend banquet, will stay on list for next year.

We are still working on Groeller Rd DNR land entrance signage.

Motion to approve minutes, minutes approved.

Discussion items:

2 Laptops will be purchase soon for club use. They must have Excel and PowerPoint. Dave found deals at Best buy.

Hunters Safety is done for this year, next class in Jan. 2012. 

Steve made motion, Anita second, motion carried to adjourn meeting. 

Next meeting is November 10th 7PM Paddy’s. Please attend.