Dan, Deb, Jon, Steve, George, Chris, Mike, Jerry, Jim, Craig, Jeff, Roger and Dave


Look good all in order

Dan made motion to approve, George Second


Porto-Potty’s at boat launch and Hatchery will be removed Nov. 1st, Dumpsters after hunting season. Check out Sherman next year, club supporter.

Fort and Jefferson HS trap shooting together until Fort gets club together.

Still waiting for info on Fort’s Archery Club.

Next Hunters Safety class in January, Last class all passed.

Recieved letter from Glacier Heritage looking for support on map improvements.

Need to replace an archery target or 2, getting good use.

Jerry asked about sending a thank you letter to the County Board allowing youth hunt at Carnes Park, Dave will work on letter.


March 18th, 2012

Stays at $40 guests/Lowered $25 workers

Possible 50/50 raffle on ticket application.

Send Ticket application with Donor letter.

MC Jerry Witte, Tom F, Katie F

Speaker Kevin Wallenfang Wisconsin DNR Big Game 

Dan moved to adjourn, George Second