Dan, George, Dave, Brittany, Jerry, Tom, Jason, Craig and Jeff A

Try to rebuild kitchen help, need to recruit.

CD has been renewed

Received check from Ball Corp for matching funds, Dan to look into discrepancies.

FAWC has 15 members interested in becoming instructors under new Hunters Safety format.

Brittany to complete recruiting poster by November 12th meeting.

Tom emailed Todd, Todd will contact Jana Waller for speaker, if not this year, maybe next year book in advance.

Still trying to determine FAWC’s support for Friends of Haumerson Pond, Possible pond water level gate.

March 17th is Next year’s FAWC Banquet. Everyone start thinking of ideas to make this year as smooth as possible. Early Bird Raffle, 3 winners 1/3 of half of prize money.

Club look into banquet costs for inflation, won’t raise ticket price if there isn’t inflation cost. Tom will contact Bonton for beef prices.

Tom Moved, George Seconded to adjourn meeting

Next meeting at Paddy’s 7PM