Dan, Jim, George, Dave, Casey, Brittany, Jerry, Steve, Mike, Dan, Chris & Son, Tom and Anita

CD due Oct 14th, will renew part and put the rest in money market.

Dan made motion to approve, George Second.

Old Business:
New archery targets will be installed this Spring.

Dave received an e-mail from Doug Lubke looking for help with funds for window blocking and drain tile, could be possible use for LKRA funds.

Matt Dannenburg e-mailed the club looking for support of the Save Our Heritage Act. Dave will contact Matt and get more information.

The Hunter Safety course is available online, club would like to get 10-15 volunteer instructors through the instructor course provided by the DNR, course is 4-6 hours and instructors would be certified to instruct the hands on portion of the test. This portion takes 6 hours and could be completed in one day, Applicants go online to do the book work and testing to get ready for hands on training part of test, students bring proof of completion of online course. Please contact Chris Kaplan if you have interest in being certified. Club would be able to offer many more classes with this new format and more instructors.

Friends of Haumerson Pond Steve Mode will be at next meeting to bring updates and ask for possible donation.
Club looking into next banquet speaker, will contact Jana Waller and reach out to invite Dave Keene NRA.
Please keep up the new member recruiting, possible post something at Mt Man Guns. Brittany will look into materials and info for poster creation.

FAWC Brosig Scholarship program, in the past our due date hasn’t corresponded with the High Schools. Jerry moved to make FAWC Brosig Scholarship program to be due the last Friday of January to correspond with the FAHS, Tom seconded. Dan will post on website.

Anita is in the process of updating the mailing list; any member with four year absence will be removed from mailing list.

Jim is looking into and contacting DNR for possible donation to the underwater camera in Jefferson. Jim is also looking into land in Jefferson by Hwy 18 Bridge.

DU has a Gun a Day raffle, if interested in a ticket contact Jerry Jackson.

Dan will be looking for deals on 2 safes for the banquet.

Avon Bottom Wildlife Land Purchase needs 70 Thousand to complete deal, getting close to reality, FAWC has donated $10,000.

Youth deer hunt at Carnes Park is coming up.

Tom is looking into Banquet hats, shirts and items that promote FAWC, for Officers, Board members and door prizes.

Dan Moved, All Seconded to adjourn meeting