Attendance: Dave, Anita, Brittany, Katie, Tom, Steve, Deb K, Dan K, Rob F, Kasey, David and Jim F.

Financials: Will be reviewed and approved at October meeting.

Discussion: Archery donation post was vandalized and pulled from ground, will be replaced soon with heavier duty post.
Archery targets at the 10 and 20 yard position are getting centers shot out, may switch with 40 and 50 yard targets and paint quadrants of 4 on targets for better wear. We May look into 4 targets per box when we purchase next year.
Gun cabinet for banquet, David is getting materials together for building a gun cabinet for the next banquet.
We should start thinking of a Banquet speaker.
Jim met with the Board of Directors of the Lake District and River Association. It sounds like they are willing to help fund, at least for the next couple years the Fish hatchery operations. The meeting seemed very positive in keeping the Hatchery operational for the future. Other groups inquired about making donations.
The Fairgrounds has put FAWC Banquet on their calendar for the next 3 years, they only contract yearly and Anita is taking care of this.
The banquet is March 21st, 2016

Next meeting is October 22nd at Paddy’s. Please try to attend to make quorum.