Attendance: Dick Wanie, Dan K, Dave P, Dan Schneider, Dan J, Brittany, Tom, Rob Stine, Steve P, Mike S, Craig, Rob F, Jim F, Jason P, Mark and Todd

Financials: $750 American Legion Fishing Tournament, $300 Todd Voss – Summer School Fishing Classes and $200 Jefferson Sportsman’s Club – Hunter Safety Supplies and Food.

Dan moved, Tom second motion

New Business:

Dick Wanie – Hoard Historical Museum, working on completion of Lake Koshgonong Duck Hunting Room, looking for funding, need $1500 for project.

Motion made to donate $2000 towards Hoard Historical Museum Lake Koshgonong Duck Hunting Room. Second Mike S/Craig

Dick is looking for artifacts and decoys used on Lake Koshgonong. Bill Hoard decoys a plus.

Archery Range – Rob Stine has been working with Ben Roehl for quote on an Elevated platform out at the Archery range. Rob has added a parking lot to the area and has done an excellent job championing this project. Quote came in at $13,200 plus $900 for each new target with broad head pit. Need to confirm with Ben that we are tax exempt.

Tom made motion not to exceed $20,000 on elevated platform, targets, trees and landscaping. Dan K second.

Internet Hunters Safety: Taught first class, very successful. DNR donated contents of their trailer for our future classes. We are looking at purchasing an enclosed trailer in the near future. Everyone was truly impressed with set up and club had 23 graduates. Thank you goes out to Jefferson Sportsman’s Club for the facility. Chris Kaplan is taking over for Steve Peterson as Head Instructor, Thank you Steve for all your years of dedication, and Thank you Chris for taking over.

Jim Furley – Fish Hatchery: Cost of operating Fish Hatchery is close to $8000 annually, LKRA funding will cover $4000 for the next 3 years. We as a club need to determine how to fund remainder and keep it funded into the future.

Dan K made motion to adjourn

Next Meeting October21st, 7 PM Paddy’s